Day/Evening Events (Large)

Event Barn (50-280 guests):

For Events with >200 guests, additional charges apply to increase the number of toilets. This venue also has the alternative option to extend capacity up to 400 guests, by using a marquee annex. The additional charges and options are detailed within “Additional Options” section below.

For smaller events we have our B&B and Dutch Barn venues which can cater for events from 10 – 80 guests; supported by our Marquee bar.

Daytime Event (Midday – 6pm):                                                   2 – 3.5 hrs: £500

                                                                                                               4 – 6 hrs:    £650

Evening Event (6pm – Midnight):                                                2 – 3.5 hrs: £750

                                                                                                               4 – 6 hrs:    £950

NB: Events of >6hrs across the Day/Evening periods are classed as a “Day & Eve Event” – see below.

Day & Evening Event:                                                                  6-8 hrs:      £1500

(For Events >8hrs: Add £150 per each additional hour of hire)

NB: “Day & Eve Events” in Summer (June/July/Aug): For events of >6hrs across the Day/Evening periods it’s a condition of hire that All 4 B&B Rooms are booked (£340). Camping can also be booked on an individual basis, unless campsite exclusivity is required: (£200-£500 depending on the number of campers).

These Event packages are primarily geared to local clients where most guests wouldn’t need a lot of on-site accommodation. This offers a Day/Evening event within our wedding/event barn, with the option to use the B&B Garden for welcome drinks. For evening events where the booking condition requires all 4 B&B rooms to be booked, the quoted price doesn’t include accommodation or any other part of Gwaenynog. Other facilities can be added to this package to enhance your event; or else you can opt for the full venue on the other 1 or 2-night options (See “Alternative Options” below).

Alternative Options

  • Book the full facilities within a one day/night package, or the 2/3 day/night package.
  • Choose from a list of other miscellaneous facilities to enhance your event
  • Extend guest capacity with additional toilets and a Marquee Annex. Additional costs are as follows:
    • 200-280 guests: £250-£550;
    • 280-330 guests: £1850;
    • 330-400 guests: £2500
  • Discounts: Midweek 25% (Tues -Thu only); Mar & Nov 20%; Sunday 10% (one day packages only)
  • Oct – Mar Events: Additional Heating charges of £400-600 apply.

NB: All Options above allow Clients to provide their own preferred style of Furniture if required. (Own Wine & Fizz can only be provided for a wedding reception meal if you choose the full venue 2 night wedding package option instead).  All Drinks and Glasses are supplied by our Bar or from the Packaged Drinks Options (Bar tariff is comparable to local Pub prices)

Event Barn: Large Events (Facilities)

What’s included:

  • Access for Pre-Event Set Up & decorations by prior agreement, then event access for the duration booked.
  • Dark wood dance floor (Evening Events >4hrs ONLY): For other events – add £150 to venue price
  • B&B – if booked & paid separately (extra nights can be booked individually or choose the 2night option)
  • Car Parking field
  • Fully stocked Bar: Priced comparable to local pub prices (bar will provide ALL drinks during the event).
  • A specialist Cocktails & Gin Bar, selling local & small batch gins (at local pub prices)
  • Barn venue dressed with coconut matting, fairy lights, bunting, globe lighting, and cream calico drapes
  • Entrance area set up with cream voile drapes.
  • Music & Alcohol License (Amplified music ends at midnight; bar closes at 1am with venue vacated by 1.30am)
  • Furniture for 120 – 200 people (120 on matching trestle tables & chairs, plus another 80 using Mixed Wooden & Patio style furniture)  – or hire your own style!! (Approx £5pp)
  • Option to personalise the barn with your own decorations

What’s not included: 

  • Games Field or B&B Garden and Patio Furniture – can be added FOC as part of a Shindig Drinks Package
  • Marquee Bar & Gazebo: offered FOC in conjunction with a Drinks Package for welcome drinks on the lawn
  • Drinks Packages: we can offer Pimms/Sangria/Fizz/Punch as welcome drinks, and/or wine with your meal (All other drinks on the event day will be served from the cash bar as a condition of hire)
  • Catering: we would exclusively provide all catering, offering various options for canapes/buffet/evening meals from £10/Adult (kids half price)
  • Furniture above 120 people (you’re also free to hire your own style/theme to ensure a set up that suits your wishes)
  • Campsite: Comprised of the Top Paddock (£200) and Lower Camping Field (£300) – max 40 pitches across both fields.
  • Campsite washroom/kitchen/toilets & showers
  • Glamping options: book our own Glamping Pods/Glamping tents, or we can arrange Glamping Belltents for you
  • Dutch Barn: used to support camper breakfasts, or BBQs etc
  • Dutch Barn Marquee Annex: this creates a larger chill-out space for campers as part of the ‘full venue’ options
  • Camping can be booked on an individual basis, unless exclusivity is required (£200-£500, depending on camper numbers). Additional glamping accommodation is also available at an extra cost.
  • Breakfasts for campers: £7.95 (full B&B breakfast) or for large numbers our special price menu (£4 – £7.95 incl Tea/Coffee).
  • Staff to clean the barn next day: Either use your Set Up team for this when removing your personalisation in the barn or we can provide staff at an hourly rate (a normal clean up would cost approx. £75)
  • Additional Toilets and Marquee extensions for events with >200guests (See Alternative Options section)
  • Wedding Event decorations, Marquee Linings, Gwaenynog Civil Ceremony Fee, and Ceremony Area SetUp (See our Wedding Event Pages for prices if you are planning a Wedding Event).