‘The Wedding Barn’ can accommodate up to 250 guests if required, but here are some ideas showing how ‘The Wedding Barn’ was set up to suit approximately 80 wedding guests… Open Plan with large round tables; OR divided in half with our hessian screens. The second arrangement below shows rustic trestle tables setup in the rear section for the wedding breakfast, with the ceremony area at the front. The hessian screens can then be folded back in the evening as required… The choice is yours.  How would you use this adaptable venue?

OPEN PLAN with Round Tables:

STANDARD SET UP:  Most weddings use the arrangement below with rustic trestle tables for the wedding breakfast meal. After the ceremony, the chairs are moved to the tables at the rear. The 5m x 5m wooden Dance Floor (front LHS) is then opened up, and the remaining space offers a good mingling area near the bar (front RHS); OR can be used for a variety of additional uses. e.g. Cake/Presents table, Photo Booth, soft seating area, games area, kidzone, catering serving area, etc etc. One wedding even located a bouncy castle within the barn!! Whatever your ideas, we’ll help you to manage the area in the way you imagine it.

PS: In wet weather this open area at the front can also be used as an alternative location for ‘Drinks on the Lawn’, canapes, games and photographs.  Then the whole day can be accommodated under one roof if needed!! (Of course its better to do all those things outside using the Farmhouse lawn and games field when the weather is good, but at least this barn offers a great fallback plan in wet weather!!)

REAR BARN: A spacious layout for 80 guests…….the screens can be moved to make this area smaller and more compact if required, or else use the space for other things like the cake table etc. There is space to easily accommodate double this number in the same area…..but that makes it a little busier!!!! The hessian screens allow us to adapt the venue for all sizes of weddings/parties – and they can also be used to display photographs or whatever you can think of doing!! (See our other examples for set ups with various sizes of weddings.)