Gwaenynog Farmhouse – Weddings & Events 2022: Terms & Conditions
1.         Your event booking:

● All offers and bookings are subject to availability.

● The “Client” is the person who confirms the booking & is responsible for the main account; those making the booking (the Client) must be over 18 years of age and will be responsible for making all payments, including settling of the final account.

● The “Premises” or “Gwaenynog” includes any buildings and grounds at Gwaenynog Farmhouse – B&B, Campsite and Wedding Venue.

● VAT is included in any price quoted, such price will only be amended to reflect any change to the VAT rate, if necessary.

● Provisional bookings are held for 7 days only, during which time the deposit is required to secure the booking. Also, we need a completed booking form, signed by the Client before full confirmation is sent.

● We require a 20% deposit upon booking – provisional bookings will only be held for 7 days pending return of the completed booking form and deposit. This is not refundable.

● On receipt of our confirmation of the booking, it is the Client’s responsibility to check all details; please notify us immediately if anything is incorrect.

2.         Exclusive Use

● We offer Clients exclusive use of either all or part of the premises for events, as agreed between us prior to the event.

NB: “Exclusive use of ALL of the premises” means all parts of the premises which are normally open to B&B and Campsite guests. This doesn’t include the use of any equipment unless otherwise specified, with an associated hire charge applied. Any deviation from this would need to be specifically requested and agreed, either at the time of booking, or in any planning meetings.

Exclusivity for Weddings means:

● No other guests or events would be supported on the premises during your own event unless otherwise agreed.

● The agreed period booked, is from midday on the first day, to midday on the last day of any booking.

● Bank Holiday weekends will incur a slightly higher charge, as we will not split the hire over a bank holiday weekend.

Exclusivity for other Events/Parties means:

● No other guests or events would be supported on the premises allocated to your own event unless otherwise agreed.

● The agreed period booked will be as specified within your Event Booking Form.

3.         Booking Deposits & Final Payment

● A non-refundable deposit of 20% is required within 7 days of your written confirmation of the dates agreed. The balance is payable over the intervening period between booking and the event, with the whole Venue Fee & Damage Cover Charge being fully paid at least 1month prior to the event.

o We’re happy to agree staged payments over the intervening period, to ease budget planning,

● In addition to the venue fee, we require you to pay a refundable 10% damage cover charge, which will be refunded within 7 days after your event. This is to cover any possible damages/exceptional cleaning costs.

● Any costs/hire charges for additional equipment or services, will be payable as agreed in the run up to the event. Exceptionally, we may agree that some items will be billed to the final account. .e.g. BBQ Gas & Logs for Firepits.

● Our preferred method of payment is bank transfer – Barclays, 43803562, 20-61-08. Credit Card payments are also acceptable, but we do not accept American Express or Diners Club.

● All agreed costs will be billed to the main account, with any extra costs incurred during the event added to the final bill. Gwaenynog reserves the right to bill any items omitted from the final account later.

● Final accounts must be settled on the day of departure, or if prior arrangements have been made, within 7 days of the event itself.

● The Venue Hire fee is agreed and fixed within the Event Booking Form at the time of booking, and must be honoured by both parties unless otherwise altered by agreement, or changed by another clause within these T&Cs e.g. cancellation for non-payment.

● We reserve the right to alter pricing and our terms & conditions for any additional services offered in support of an event, but these changes would be communicated and agreed before the event to ensure the client is able to adjust their order if they choose.  A statement of additional services and associated costs will be provided in advance of the event, and only altered if additional unplanned services are utilised by the client during the event.

● Non-payment by the due dates will be treated as a cancellation.  Any missed payments will initially be communicated to the client and an additional ‘grace period’ of 7days may be agreed in the first instance. In the event of repeated missed payments, a final warning will be issued after which a further missed payment will be treated as a cancellation.

4.         Cancellations

a. By You

● If you wish to cancel your booking, please contact us by telephone as soon as possible, followed by an email to confirm.

● The deposit/booking fee is NON-REFUNDABLE upon cancellation.

● We reserve the right to make a full charge for venue (and any additional hired equipment) for any cancellation within 6 months of the event date.

● For your peace of mind, we recommend you take out insurance for your event.

● If a wedding or event is cancelled by the Client, the deposit is not refundable or useable against any other booking of any sort. The additional cancellation charges shown on a sliding scale below are based upon the time of cancellation relative to the event date. This is to compensate for work already carried out by ourselves e.g. Planning meetings etc; plus, the cost of cancelled services and lost business earnings on the day e.g. booked services such as Equipment hire charges, Catering, and Bar income.

Additional Cancellation charges (including deposit): If the date is 6 months or less from the time of cancellation, then the client will be liable in full for the remaining payment. If the date is from 6-12 months after cancellation the client will be liable for 50% of the full payment. If 12-18 months, the client will be liable for 30% of the full payment. 18 months+ will incur no additional charge. Bookings must be cancelled by telephone as soon as possible, but then in writing or via email to Gwaenynog, and acknowledged by us.

b.         By Us

● We do not expect to have to make any changes to your booking but very occasionally problems do occur, and bookings may have to be changed or cancelled. We would only cancel your booking if the venue was unavailable for reasons beyond our reasonable control; for example, flooding, fire, damage to the property (this list is not intended to be finite).

● In such instances, we would attempt to offer you an alternative venue, however if this is not possible, or if you are unhappy with the alternative offered, we would offer you a full refund of monies you have paid towards your event. We would not be held responsible for any additional costs incurred by yourselves, or for any consequential losses.

● In exceptional circumstances beyond our control where the venue is available, but we are prevented from hosting events due to Government or Local Authority orders, we would apply the ‘force majeure’ condition towards booked events. e.g. Where a local incident or countrywide epidemic results in restrictions which affect events booked at Gwaenynog. In this situation we would offer alternative dates for the event, and assist client to rearrange their event to the new date at no additional charge. We would offer at least 3 alternative dates for consideration by our clients in order to maintain the booking as previously agreed. If the ordered restrictions specify a reduced size for the rearranged event, we may offer a partial refund subject to our currently advertised event costs. However, if clients declined to accept any alternative dates for their event, and decided they want to cancel instead, we would apply the standard cancellation charges published within these T&Cs above. In this situation we would not be held liable for any consequential losses.

● Gwaenynog reserves the right to cancel your function if payment conditions are not upheld. Receipt of your booking deposit confirms your acceptance of all terms & conditions. We also reserve the right to cancel an event if we deem our premises unusable for reasons beyond our control, in which case our liability to you will be limited to the extent of any monies already paid to Gwaenynog, without interest.

● Either party shall have the right to terminate this Contract without penalty within seven days from the signed date, subject to written confirmation of such termination being given by one party to the other within this period. In the event of such termination by the Client, Gwaenynog shall refund to the Client all sums paid by the Client to Gwaenynog by way of deposit or otherwise, less a £50 admin fee.

● All cancellations will then be confirmed by Gwaenynog.

5.         Insurance

We strongly advise the Client takes out insurance to cover against all eventualities, such as illness, death, unemployment; but will point out that simply changing your mind, or even the weather, etc., will usually not count as sufficient reason for insurance purposes.

6.         Change of Event Date

If a confirmed date is to be moved by the client to another date, the following fees will apply:

● more than 12 months’ notice £100 change fee

● from 6-12 months’ notice £300 change fee

● less than 6 months’ notice £500 change fee

7.         Music

● All live music/DJ’s etc are asked to play at a reasonable volume during evening events. All amplified music will stop at midnight. Music volumes will be monitored, and we expect the decibel level not to exceed 84. Any amplified music playing after the agreed time will be disconnected.

● Any such prohibited playing of music will be charged without fail at a rate of £450 per hour, or part thereof & any additional costs, i.e. staff time, dealing with angry neighbours or the Council charged accordingly. All such items will be billed to the client.

● For weddings: The venue is solely to be used for the purpose of a wedding, on the specified day/ night. So, although Gwaenynog is booked for the whole weekend, this does not mean another disco, live or amplified music or party can happen on any additional night unless agreed beforehand and the associated venue fee paid in advance. There is a curfew of 11pm for any loud noise on the campsite on other nights of the event to avoid disturbance to those who are trying to sleep. Guests are welcome to engage in quiet conversation and socialising after 11pm providing they don’t disturb other guests.

Please discuss with us if you wish to have a second event during the period of your booking. Provided that no amplified music is played, we encourage Wedding Parties to include a low key pre-wedding party the night before a wedding as part of getting full value from this venue.

8.         Dogs

Dogs are allowed at Gwaenynog, although we are always concerned about what they will be like with lots of people, and also where they will go during the ceremony and reception. Please give this consideration and advise us as required.

Dogs are only allowed at the ceremony if they are guide or hearing dogs, or are taking part in the ceremony (e.g. the ring-bearer.) Please see our campsite rules for further information on dogs.

9.         Photography

We regularly take photographs and videos for promotional and training purposes, if you do not want your guests or campers to appear in these you must write to Gwaenynog and inform Gwaenynog Staff on arrival.

10.       Check in & Departure (for Accommodation and Wedding Events)

Check in is from 12 noon, or by agreement, on the day of arrival; check out is by 12 noon on the day of departure. We expect B&B rooms to be vacated by 11am on the final day – or on the day of checkout if different – to enable cleaning.

11.       Set up & Collection

Anyone requiring access to certain areas of the venue (e.g. Campsite, Wedding Barn, etc.) for installation or decoration purposes will generally be allowed – for example on the Wednesday & Thursday prior to a weekend event. This would be from 12 noon, or by agreement with Gwaenynog.

We expect suppliers to collect the day after, or at the very latest, 2 days after your event. Any collection later than this will incur a storage charge.

12.       Wedding Confetti & Fireworks

● We ask that only confetti which is biodegradable be used, which are natural dried flower petals. This is for use outside the wedding barn only, and not in the wedding barn. Any infringement will incur a fine of £250 per hour for clean-up. So, no metal stars, foil ribbons or conventional paper confetti.

● Fireworks & sky lanterns are NOT allowed anywhere on Gwaenynog Premises.

13.        Guests

● We welcome much older guests, disabled guests or anybody with mobility or other issues that may need advance planning or extra help from us to ensure full enjoyment of the day – just get in touch to discuss. However, please be aware that the rooms in the house are not suitable for anyone who cannot use the stairs.

● Guests staying in the house must be detailed to Gwaenynog before the event, including names, addresses/emails and telephone numbers.

● The client is responsible for the behaviour & actions of their guests whilst at Gwaenynog. Inappropriate behaviour may result in the event being stopped early or cancelled.

● A full guest list (with names & ages of children & babies) including both day and evening, resident and non-resident guests must be provided in writing to Gwaenynog one week before the event, this is for Health & Safety purposes.

14.        Damage

● The client shall pay for any loss or damage to any part of the premises, or to any fixtures, fittings or equipment which are damaged by the client or their guests. This includes removal of our property from the venue in error by the client or their guests after the event. You will be asked to return or pay for replacements.

● Due to the special nature of our venue, we insist that no glues are used whatsoever. The client is responsible for making sure that any florists or other supplier, or friends & family helping to decorate are aware of this rule. Flowers, greenery, lanterns, bunting & pom-poms etc. can be fixed around the beams & walls. Florist’s string & other strings, cable ties, ribbon etc., are all permissible & work well for this purpose.

● Any flower arranging should be done outside any of the barns or house, or on the concreted areas only, as the flooring in the wedding barn should be considered carpet.

● We also ask that you pay a 10% damage cover charge, which will be refunded within 7 days after your event. This is to cover any possible damages/additional costs incurred by ourselves.

● Gwaenynog reserves the right to charge additional fees to the main account if specialist cleaning is required for floor coverings, walls, marquees etc. due to soiling, unreasonable spillages, vandalism, or other misuse.

15.        Alcohol & Corkage

We have relaxed rules about you providing your own wine to drink with a reception meal following a wedding ceremony, providing this is agreed with us beforehand. We can additionally offer complimentary services including limited refrigeration for your wine, plus assist with serving wine to table, and clearing away empty bottles/glasses using our own bar staff. There are normally no staff costs or corkage to pay providing you comply with our rules when the Gwaenynog cash bar is open. However, we reserve the right to charge corkage and bar staff costs if the following guidelines and rules are contravened.

NB: The dispensation to supply “own wine” doesn’t apply to any other events held at Gwaenynog – unless specifically agreed at the time of booking.

We keep the Gwaenynog bar prices comparable to local pub prices, and in return we would expect exclusivity in providing all other alcohol apart from the agreed ‘wine with the wedding reception meal’ during your event. Once the reception meal has ended all unopened ‘own wine’ should be ‘put away’, and the Gwaenynog Bar staff will facilitate this. There is also a guaranteed ‘minimum spend’ across the bar which will be agreed for any evening event held within either the Wedding/Event Barn or Dutch Barn. This ‘minimum spend’ is required to offer a reasonable ‘return on investment’, and to cover all staff/set up costs. This has been set at a very achievable £12.50 per adult for the evening event, and applies to all evening events/parties held at Gwaenynog. (Evening events usually mean from 6pm to midnight.)

Bar opening times will be agreed before the event, and will cover the whole period of any event activities located within Gwaenynog. For weddings, this period includes all activities throughout the Wedding Day, both pre & post ceremony through to midnight, and includes all parts of the Gwaenynog venue on your Wedding Day. This includes events where wedding couples utilise the Dutch Barn as an evening venue, or wish to offer pre or post ceremony ‘drinks on the lawn’.  For that part of the wedding event, we can offer a choice of economical offerings, to include the B&B Cash Bar, with an option for wedding couples/event organisers to also purchase a ‘packaged service’ of Fizz/Pimms/Sangria type drinks; to enable your guests to enjoy ‘free drinks’ on the day. These ‘packaged services’ are also competitively priced, but the prices do need to cover all the associated costs of setting up and managing the lawn venue for your guests enjoyment.  (Includes Gazebo, refrigeration, staff costs, glasses and clean up)

All we ask is that once the cash bar is open, and throughout a wedding day event, you will ensure that your guests only drink alcohol bought from the Gwaenynog cash bar or a ‘packaged service’ option pre-purchased by the client. We will agree a specific minimum spend across the cash bar during evening events in the ‘Event Barn’ location, based on the number of adults attending your event (£12.50 per adult), and if this minimum is met there will be no additional charges. In cases where the minimum spend isn’t achieved you would be liable for an additional charge to cover all bar staff costs, and may also be charged corkage (£6 per bottle), on any ‘own wine’ as mentioned above.

“OWN WINE” IMPORTANT NOTE: When supplying ‘own wine’ for a wedding breakfast meal, please follow the guidance below which we have sourced and seen work for most weddings when deciding how much wine to buy. Unless you are planning a full 3-course meal, wedding breakfasts would normally be limited to a maximum 1.5hrs duration where the following amounts are applicable if all of your guests are drinking wine with the meal:

Wine: 1/3rd bottle per adult

Sparkling wine for the toasts: Quarter of a bottle per adult

If you wish to exceed this guidance please agree your order by discussing with us before purchasing the wine. In practice, if this guidance is exceeded its likely that your guests will either waste wine, or else abuse our relaxed approach to wine by opening all of the bottles before the end of the meal to drink later in the evening, thereby impacting on the achievement of our agreed minimum spend across the cash bar. Both scenarios would result in additional expense for yourselves.

We therefore ask you to ensure your guests comply with these rules, and that alcohol is consumed responsibly whilst at our venue & campsite. The client is responsible for their guests at all times and for ensuring that your guests comply with our rules. Anyone who gives offence to other guests or staff, or poses a risk to the premises due to inebriation, will be requested to leave immediately, and escorted off site if necessary. We reserve the right to contact the police if necessary.

16.        Drugs

We have a zero tolerance to drug use at Gwaenynog Farmhouse venue and will have no hesitation in calling the police if this rule is contravened.

17.        Suppliers

We have preferred suppliers that we work with on a regular basis, who know our venue & who we know provide a great service. We will allow alternative suppliers, but charges will be made for any additional office & site work involved in dealing with them, and for providing additional services/facilities. Costs will run @ £20 per hour office/venue time (logged in 15 min increments), plus additional costs & wages for site visits etc. This is standard practice.

18.       Registrars Rule

If a wedding ceremony is being held on the premises, then no food or drink may be served in the Wedding barn during the hour before, or during the ceremony. This is a requirement of the law, and not by Gwaenynog. We’ve made provision to hide the bar in the wedding barn for this purpose.

19.        Post Event Clean Up, Rubbish & Recycling

Unless agreed beforehand, all litter, rubbish, food waste & recycling should be cleared and taken away by your catering/other suppliers and/or yourselves, the client. Charges for rubbish collection that the client does not take away will be added to the main account; this calculates to a minimum of £300 per event. Unreasonable or excessive clear-up action needed by Gwaenynog staff will be charged to the client on the final account. Unless otherwise agreed beforehand, the client is responsible for ALL clean-up activities after the event – to ensure the entire venue is returned in the same condition as handed over before the event.

Note: For Weddings held at Gwaenynog we will normally provide complimentary waste recycling bins for you and your guests use. In addition, and if preferred, our staff can assist with the final clean-up after guests have vacated. This will be charged at the normal Gwaenynog Staff hourly rate and in normal circumstances would probably amount to an additional £120 charge. Our staff will anyway help keep the venue tidy throughout the event where needed, but not as front-line rubbish collection and disposal. Your guests should be encouraged to assist by using the various marked up Bins and Recycling containers which will be dotted around the site for this use. This includes ashtrays.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It’s especially important that the correct recycling bins are used by your guests to avoid additional costs, so please ensure your guests are aware of this prior to the event. In cases where there is excessive abuse of the marked recycling bins a charge will be levied appropriate to the level of abuse and the number of hours needed to rectify the situation in order to comply with local recycling rules. This includes NOT putting recyclable items into the General Waste bins e.g. Glass, Plastic, Paper & Cardboard. i.e. The charge for excessive misuse of waste bins would be a minimum of £300 plus a charge to cover staff hours involved in the rectification.

20.        Safety

Due to the large area and natural environment of our venue (complete with woods & ponds) children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times. Whilst we encourage guests to enjoy the natural environment on our site, please note that care must be taken as paths & walkways, bridges & steps, etc. may be uneven or slippery, particularly when wet, but also at night – as there is limited lighting offered in many areas. We recommend that guests and campers bring torches!

Some areas are designated as no-go areas, due to safety concerns, but also due to the natural environment. Please obey signage as indicated. For example, be aware of the dangers presented by ponds and woodland areas.

21.        Finally – the Client agreement:

The Client understands that Gwaenynog can accept no liability whatsoever for the Client’s or their guests’ possessions and personal property, or for any injuries sustained through use of the premises, including camping, using fire pits, BBQs etc. and accept full responsibility for their guests and any children at all times.

In all cases, confirmation by email and payment of the deposit denotes acceptance of the above terms & conditions.

The laws of England & Wales will prevail at all times.