Gwaenynog Assisted DIY Wedding Venue  – Details

Catering & Drinks: The wedding barn is licensed for amplified music up to midnight, with the bar closing at 1am; guests staying at Gwaenynog in our full venue packages can continue to enjoy each other’s company in “The Dutch Barn” late into the early hours if they wish, so long as there’s no amplified music. This can also include the use of firepits & straw bales on the Campsite. However, we do look to close-down “The Wedding Barn” by 1.30am at the latest, with any ongoing activities transferring to “The Dutch Barn”.

For “single day” Wedding Events and ALL Parties, Gwaenynog will provide ALL catering and drinks on the day. However, the “Full Venue” 2 or 3 day assisted DIY Wedding packages described below, allow wedding couples to organise their own catering, and offer their own wine & fizz with the reception meal ONLY. We are very flexible about the drinks offered in the ‘Shindig’ bar, so if there are any particular beers or spirits you wish to be avaialble, we will will work with you to facilitate this if possible.

NB: We may exceptionally allow Wedding Couples to organise their own mobile bar upon payment of an ‘on site bar fee’ to compensate ourselves for loss of income (provided that the mobile bar also has their own events license). This will be subject to prior negotiation and written agreements being in place, with ‘onsite bar fees’ payable in advance as part of an adjusted Venue Fee. In all cases we would need to know full details about the proposed mobile bar to ensure that a professional service is going to be offered on the day.

For our Full Venue 2-3 night assisted DIY packages, you can also choose to provide your own catering options and/or provide ‘own drinks’ on the campsite or in “The Dutch Barn” area on the days before and after the wedding day (or when the ‘Shindig’ bar has closed after 1 am on the wedding day). E.g. as part of pre/post wedding socialising/BBQ activity on Friday or Sunday.

On the wedding day, you are at liberty to use an external caterer and supply your own Wine & Fizz with the afternoon reception meal ONLY. We just ask that any unopened ‘own wine’ is put away after the meal. Apart from that, the ‘Shindig’ bars at Gwaenynog will supply ALL other alcoholic drinks from two cash bars on the wedding day (no other ‘own drinks’ are allowed on the wedding day in any part of the venue).

If we supply the wine for your reception meal then wine glasses are also free, or else we would require a nominal hire charge for our glasses when you supply your own wine with the meal. We can also offer crockery & cutlery for hire if preferred for your wedding reception (this includes a cleaning service).

We supply a cash bar in the Marquee between the B&B and “The Dutch Barn” (for Friday night and for pre-& post-ceremony drinks), plus another fixed bar in “The Wedding Barn” for the reception meal and evening event (no ‘own drinks’ are allowed in the wedding barn once the wedding reception meal has finished).  As part of this bar service we also provide free bar staff and glasses for the drinks we serve from the bar. Our bar staff will also assist with refrigerating and serving your ‘own wine’ to table with the meal, and will assist with clearing all empty bottles and glasses away. They can also serve water jugs to table and manage a Tea/Coffee/Squash facility as another ‘packaged service’. There is obviously a minimum spend, as with all event bar suppliers, but we make it achievable based on your guest numbers (£12.50 per adult during the evening event). Most importantly, our bar prices are based on local pub prices.

Facilities and Cost Considerations

Camping: Two camping fields (Top Paddock and Camping field); provides a maximum of 40 pitches, with an option to add even more camping in another field. We have 7 electric hook-ups in the Camping field, and have 6 fire-pits available to use free of charge (logs extra – £6.50 per large tub). We can also hire out BBQs, or offer on-site catering if required.

Glamping Options: We can offer glamping options using either in our own GlampPods or Frame Tents, or Bell Tents from a recommended supplier. For one wedding, we hosted 31 hired bell tents, plus another 10 tents brought by guests (110+ guests in all)! This gave a real festival atmosphere to a marvellous wedding weekend.

It’s then up to you whether you wish to recover any of the B&B or Camping costs from your guests – as it would be normal for guests to pay for their own accommodation at other wedding venues/hotel.

External Suppliers and Venue Personalisation: You may choose to use external suppliers for Catering & Wine with the meal (for 2 or 3 night Full Venue packages only), and for Photographs, or your preferred choice of Furniture (tables, chairs and dance floor), plus guest glamping options (e.g. Bell Tents and our own wooden Glamping Pods), and Musicians/DJ’s to entertain your guests. All we ask is that you let us know who your suppliers are, so we can make sure the correct insurances are in place.

We normally allow access to the venue barns for decoration etc from the Wednesday before a weekend wedding – which we recommend for getting the best out of the cost savings available at this DIY venue. To help with this we offer a 20% discount for any additional accommodation, whether in the B&B or on the campsite… that’s applicable on midweek nights only (Tues-Thurs) whilst you get the barn dressed in the way you wish. Couples normally also opt to clear away next day rather than pay for cleaning staff (to return the venue to the same standard as it was handed over). Wedding party’s usually need to remove their own personalisation anyway so the same SetUp team just work together to make this an easy task. That’s what we mean by an assisted DIY venue, and we provide vacuum cleaners to speed things up. A normal clean up from recent weddings would take about 3 hours for 3 people – or even less if you have more volunteers!!  Alternatively, we can offer cleaning staff at our normal staff rate if you prefer.

Our own setup for the “The Wedding Barn” already provides a decorated barn which is great for a wedding, without any further effort by yourselves. If you are using our own furniture we will also set that up if required. For furniture hired from an external suppier you would either ask the supplier to do this, or organise things within your own set-up team. Then if you are looking to personalise the space for your wedding, this is the place for you!! Alternatively, we can also do it all for you – including all wedding planning and set up/clear down, but that means the cost would increase. The choice is yours; just let us know and we’ll put a price together.

Decoration & Personalisation options: We can supply you with an assortment of decorative items to enhance your wedding venue: flags, decorated tins, jam jars and vases to hold flowers to decorate the tables, plus about 250m of bunting (natural greens and golds), which is also included in the cost and normally set up in “The Wedding Barn” – we have photos on our Facebook page and on our website to show examples. This will save you time and effort as you don’t need to do it all yourself, and can again save time and money rather than all DIY – you just need to select what you need and set it up where you want to use it. Or you can make / provide your own!  We can additionally offer a variety of glitter balls, and uplighters to enhance your venue.

You can also use tree branches and wildflowers located and taken from around Gwaenynog as part of your decoration and is free of charge.

Gwaenynog Facilities: The venue facilities include the “The Wedding Barn”, plus “The Dutch Barn”, B&B lawn, Car Park field, plus a 2-acre Games field which provides additional options for outdoor activities/games, or even to host blessing ceremonies using our outdoor ceremony set up. The adjacent field is our “Woodland Glade” where wedding couples have previously enjoyed this more secluded option for their own Bell Tent. It can also be used as another lovely outdoor ceremony area right next to our woodland. In addition, there are various Marquee and Gazebo options for hire if you wish. We also have a Marquee bar where we can offer an additional ‘cash & contactless’ bar and catering facility next to the B&B; to serve meals including breakfasts/lunch/evening meals for your Set-Up team and campers to simplify on-site catering. We believe this is extremely good value with meals and drinks served at or below local pub prices. This facility offers many options for you in planning a unique and very special event. (See the Gwaenynog layout page.)

Details of the Gwaenynog facilities are shown below – for you to utilise as you wish:

  • “The Wedding Barn”: (27m x 18m) The majority of weddings hosted here have been for approximately 120 guests, but it can hold up to 250 including a ceremony area. This can increase to 280 guests if the ceremony takes place offsite (extendable for up to 400 guests using a Marquee extension). It has two separate dedicated activity areas on either side at the front of the barn (4.5m x 4m); one is where the Cash Bar is located, and the other provides a great option for either a catering, kids zone, or games area; or anything else your imagination can think of!! NB: We have easily movable hessian screens available which are used for screening off these two activity areas during the ceremony. You can further decorate these screens to your own requirements or colour scheme, and we have more screens that allow us to split the barn in two if required. This allows us to subdivide or reduce the barn size for smaller groups or to screen off different activities. Because they are lightweight we can also change their use and orientation quite easily on the day. This barn has a wooden dance floor (5m x 5m) with glitter balls suspended above it. We also have three large wooden Pews which can seat 10-people each, e.g. to provide seating next to the dance floor (if required).
  • “The Wedding Barn” – “Shindig” Bar: This bar is equipped and stocked to offer a wide variety of draught & bottled, beers & cider, plus wines, spirits and soft drinks. There is also a dedicated Cocktail/Gin Bar selling a number of local and small batch gins (we are happy to add any preferred spirits/cocktails and draft beers if we can – please ask). In addition to all the normal bar facilities it also offers some limited ‘free of charge’ refrigeration for your ‘own wine’, and our staff will assist in serving wine/fizz to table and clearing away empty bottles & glasses which helps to reduce clear up activities next day. We are also equipped to accept cashless payments. As part of this bar service we provide free bar staff and glasses for the drinks we serve from the bar. Our bar staff can also serve water jugs to table and manage a Tea/Coffee/Squash facility as another ‘packaged service’. There is obviously a minimum spend at the bar, as with all event bar suppliers, but we make it very achievable based on your guest numbers (£12.50 per adult for the evening event). And most importantly, our bar prices are based on local pub prices.
  • “The Dutch Barn”: This barn offers an alternative venue for smaller weddings – for up to 50 people including the ceremony area. The barn consists of a lower section (8m x 7m), plus a raised stage area (5m x 7m) where we also have a pool table. This barn is normally used by campers as a ‘chill out’/eating area during a festival wedding event. We can offer various on-site catering options within this barn for your campers, and its normally used by campers to eat the breakfasts cooked to order in the Gwaenynog kitchen. It’s usually laid out with trestle tables and seating for up to 60-people. Within this space you can also choose to have live music with a dance area for an alternative compact evening venue. When used with its standard Marquee side Annex, the barn can hold up to 55 people including a ceremony/dance floor area for an evening event.
  • “Dutch Barn”: Ceremony area – This barn can have a ceremony area set-up in either the elevated stage area, or the lower section where your guests will also sit (see the published Dutch Barn plan options). If the Dutch Barn is booked as the ‘main venue’ for a small wedding, the ceremony area will be set-up by SHINDIG ahead of your event.  NB: This barn is sometimes used to host a small legal ceremony ahead of a larger ceremony (either outdoors or in the Wedding Barn). In that situation a small set-up fee would be charged to cover staff costs and any additional equipment hire when setting up this additional ceremony facility as part of a large wedding booking in the Wedding Barn.
  • “The Dutch Barn” Marquee side Annex: (20ft x 20ft Professional Grade Marquee): This Marquee provides the ‘standard side annex’ as part of the venue fee and described in the previous section.
  • Large Professional Grade Marquee: This Marquee can be adjusted to size – stepping up in 10ft lengths to a maximum of 60ft in length, and 20ft width. It’s primarily for external hire but can also be hired for use on our hardstanding to create an integrated compact evening venue for up to 100 people; located between the Marquee Bar and “The Dutch Barn”. It can also offer other options to extend “The Wedding Barn” or for use by external caterers as required.
  • Professional Grade “Marquee Bar & Catering Facility”: This is provided free of charge as part of the ‘Full Venue’ options for us to cook and serve breakfasts for all campers, plus dinners for your advance set-up party, or else to enhance any event in the “The Dutch Barn”. The mobile bar set up in this Marquee can support various parts of your event. E.g. Pre-& Post-ceremony drinks, or to serve campers on the night before your wedding day.
  • Medium size Semi-Pro Marquee: (4m x 10m) – available for a small hire charge or provided free when we use it to offer on-site catering or Pimms/Fizz/Sangria/Punch options e.g. For drinks on the lawn.
  • Small Semi-pro Marquee: (4m x 8m) – available for a small hire charge or provided free when we use it to offer on-site catering or Pimms/Fizz/Sangria/Punch options e.g. For drinks on the lawn after the ceremony.
  • Event Shelter: A large dome shaped event shelter (4m x 4m) – also available for a small hire charge or provided free when we use it to offer on-site catering or Pimms/Fizz/Sangria/Punch options e.g. For drinks on the lawn after the ceremony.
  • “Bluebell Wood”: NEW for 2021 – This beautiful woodland area offers an extra special outdoor ceremony area in springtime when bluebells and other wild flowers cover the surrounding area. Its actually a very calm and beautiful at any time of year though, with an assortment of wild flowers throughout the year, and is close to the wedding barn for you to create a seamless ‘joined up’ venue offering a ‘wonderful woodland wedding’ event close to nature. NB: A small set-up fee will be charged to cover staff costs and any additional equipment hire e.g. straw bales.
  • “Mountain View”: A large 2-acre field, with superb views across our secluded valley to Moel-Bentyrch. This field is located adjacent to the Farmhouse B&B garden, and is a suitable site for a large Marquee, or Tipi to create an alternative indoor wedding venue (see our ‘Tipi Wedding’ photo) Its normally used as an outdoor games area integrated with drinks on the lawn, or as a site for a bouncy castle / village fete set up. This field can also be used for outdoor blessing ceremonies; i.e. you can choose to have either an offsite legal ceremony, or a small ceremony in one of the licensed venues (“The Wedding Barn”, “The Dutch Barn” or “Farmhouse B&B Lounge”) for the legal bit, followed by a blessing ceremony with all your guests, using our outdoor ceremony space and straw bale seating. We have our own ceremony gazebo, or an archway which we’ll cover in artificial ivy, but can be further enhanced with your own décor or wildflowers. NB: A small set-up fee will be charged to cover staff costs and any additional equipment hire e.g. straw bales.
  • “Woodland Glade”: An undulating one-acre field which offers the opportunity for another alternative outdoor ceremony location, close to nature – adjacent to our woodland and overlooked by squirrels and woodpeckers (just don’t wake up the Tawny Owl!). This area has previously been used by wedding couples to locate their own belltent, for a private space away from the campsite. Its just a lovely space with an elevated view across “Mountain View” to Moel-Bentyrch in the distance. A small Woodland Ceremony area can also be arranged just inside the woodland boundary (but it might need wellies depending on the weather conditions). NB: A small set-up fee will be charged to cover staff costs and any additional equipment hire e.g. straw bales.
  • The Farmyard Hardstanding: (40m x 10m), located between the Farmhouse B&B/Marquee Bar and “The Dutch Barn”. This is suitable for the location of a Marquee or Tipi to create an integrated evening venue, or as several weddings have done, a great barbeque area. We have picnic tables and straw bales that can be used to create a great outdoor area close to the indoor facilities mentioned above (just in case the weather isn’t so great).
  • The Farmhouse B&B Lawn: which is a great venue for pre-& post ceremony snacks/canapes and/or drinks; and for photos and lawn games as required – this includes multiple sets of patio tables and chairs. We can offer catering options for this, and also offer various drinks options e.g. ‘packaged service’ offerings of Canapes/Buffet/Snacks and/or Pimms, Fizz, Sangria etc, and/or a cash bar option with alcohol, Tea/Coffee and soft drinks. We normally set up a gazebo/marquee to serve drinks on the lawn, and can offer others for hire if your caterer is supplying the snacks. These additional facilities are free if we provide the catering for nibbles & drinks, or for a small additional charge if you choose an alternative caterer for your canapes/snacks.  We can also offer another option for serving iced bottles of beer (from the Tractor Bucket – parked on the field just outside the lawn area.
  • Car Park: A separate 1-acre field with two gateway entrances and a gradual slope. This field is ideal for car parking with cars entering at the top of the field and exiting at the bottom. Its central to all the facilities above, so just a short walk to access all facilities.  We normally ask campers at wedding events to drop off at the campsite and then leave their car in this car park. This floodlit facility is partially hidden behind a substantial hedge along its boundary with the hardcore track that leads into the farmyard and campsite. So views across the farm remain largely unspoilt from every direction.
  • South Field: This south facing field offers an overflow option for additional parking (on its West Side next to the car park field), or alternatively as an additional camping area if required (on its East side next to the Campsite area)

All these facilities include complimentary electric power, water supplies, and heated toilet/washing & changing facilities, x3  heated showers, campsite kitchen/washroom with a small fridge & freezer, and changing/dressing areas for your campsite guests, plus large recycling and waste disposal bins. NB: For weddings with campers of more than 40 people we advise that an additional shower unit should also be hired to avoid any queues.